Project 2: Thin Basic

A key tool for building a free PC data logger is a free programming platform that will let us interface to external sensors, apply scaling factors to the sensor signals and create web pages with physical readings for viewing via Tiny Web Server.

Thin Basic meets all these requirements. If you don’t know any programming languages, don’t worry – all the programs you will need will be posted on this website so you can run them in Thin Basic. If you already know Basic or C programming, Thin Basic will be easy to learn.

Downloading and Installing Thin Basic
The Thin Basic website has a download link here.  Installation instructions can be found on the Thin Basic home page, but it is fairly straightforward.  Simply download and follow the instructions.

Thin Basic has a code editor called Thin Air and this is how you can load the sample programs or write new code.  I made a desktop icon for Thin Air so it is convenient to launch.

Running Thin Basic
Once Thin Basic has been installed, launch Thin Air and try loading one of the many sample programs that come with Thin Basic.  To execute a program use the Debug drop-down menu and select Go.  The program will execute in a DOS box.  You can get an idea of the things that can be done with Thin Basic by looking through the samples.

Once you have Thin Basic working, its time to write some data logging code!

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